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Senior Thesis: 60s mod inspired textile Brand for home decor

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DIY:design it your self wkshp

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As part of  Flex Design workshop I created a layout for feature article about Project Censored in Baltimore’s ‘City Paper’. Provided with  ads and copy  and I created all other components of the layout.

The “Before” posted here is my original thought process which I built my following sketches on. The current logo of the organization can be seen at their website:

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I sought to change the logo of the organization City Blossoms. Their current logo is very illustrative and I wanted to take a more minimal approach when changing the identity. My intention was to create something the donors would really respond to.

After visiting the gardens it was made clear to me that their was a need for signage especially at the school, CentroNia. With that in mind I created stamps of vegetables, herbs, and fruit grown in the garden that would be used to brand plant markers. I wanted to make something that would activate excitement and curiosity within the kids as well as being an integral learning tool. They exist to be customized by the kids, decorated however they want. Being the children at the school are biingual, english and spanish appear on the materials. I want these to be things they are able to use on there own and on a regular basis.
A definite challenge initially was figuring out the best method of creating the stamp. I decided on linoleum and was pleased with my choice. Since they had to be hand carved the mark of the stamp was less rigid and clean. It really tied into the the aesthetic of the materials used by the kids being they are usually recycled or hand-crafted.