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Fall Semester Intro to Web design mock-ups


As part of  Flex Design workshop I created a layout for feature article about Project Censored in Baltimore’s ‘City Paper’. Provided with  ads and copy  and I created all other components of the layout.

Launch was the title for the 2010 Paper Show in Baltimore hosted by the Production club of Baltimore. For the event they hoped to incorporate engaging and compelling graphics (print and interactive) that would marry together their key concepts of the word launch. Through a design workshop headed by artists representing PCB I produced works aimed at being included in the paper show, and chosen through juried vote. This  t-shirt was the chosen design to be screen-printed and distributed at the Paper show.

For one week I recorded stats about the music I listen to, broken down into relative categories. I logged the genre, artist, time of day played, along with the frequency of plays within said categories. The data is contualized through an infographic.

This poster is for The Walters Art Museum for their exhibition of Japanese Cloisonne Enamels. I created an identity system, typography within a vase form, that would be utilized for different collateral pieces. Functioning as an essential source of information, it is a folded pamphlet as well as a poster. Listed information include workshops and conferences integral to the exhibition.

Here are some stills for a game I did a while back. I chose an australian theme. You follow Burnu on this journey through terrain I intended to resemble the Outback. You collect seven precious stones for a ceremony that will bring peace and prosperity to the land.